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Affordable, High-Quality Book Production

We help emerging thought leaders expand their reach and existing thought leaders become the most sought-after talent in their field.

We provide book planning, writing and promotion services worldwide.

We meet with you to discuss the vision for your book project. And we add ideas, insight and…value…right from the first call.

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CEO’s & Entrepreneurs
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More Affordable than Forbes Books
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Guaranteed Results

We are PASSIONATE About Books!

Writing a book is hard. What do you write about? How do you actually write it? Why would anyone care? The truth is there are dozens of steps in the book production process and if you’re new to it, you can find yourself quickly overwhelmed. We can help.

The reality? There are lots of good books out there. But very few GREAT books. At Captain of Books, we produce GREAT books and in the process, help you become a thought leader in your field.


Who We Help

From entrepreneurs to CEOs, innovators and other industry leaders, we help the best people in business today tell their story, grow their businesses, get on the paid speaking circuit and yes, sell a bunch of books.

We also help lots of Gen Z (and Millenial) emerging thought leaders with their first books. Whether you have an existing platform/audience or not, we can help you expand your reach and influence so you become a true Authority in your field.

Writing a book could be the best thing you ever do in your professional career.